Mapping Resilience, Solidarity, and Hope during a Global Pandemic




The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the mental state of a countless number of people globally due to income loss, inability to visit friends, closures of support service infrastructures (e.g. community centers), and much more. Our initiative will be part of a motion to help people in distress in managing the affective aspect and wellbeing subsistence of being locked down in one space by implementing a webpage with an interactive world map where people around the globe share short audio recordings about positive and negative things that can be contributed directly to the COVID-19 closure. By doing so, 1) people who share their stories will get a form of resilience because they will be talking about things they may not be able to do currently, and 2) people who listen to the narratives of others can find solidarity and hope in being quarantined.


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Our Team

Dina Sabie

Research Assistant and PhD Candidate

Department of Computer Science

University of Toronto

Cansu E. Dedeoglu

Research Assistant and PhD Student

Faculty of Information

University of Toronto

Ishtiaque Syed Ahmed

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science

University of Toronto